long distance relationships

5 Smart ideas for long-distance couples during Coronavirus

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought fear and uncertainty in our lives. The emotional and financial setback of the Covid-19 pandemic is insurmountable. The rising number of infections, deaths, and severely attenuated financial circumstances have brought a lot of emotional stress to Americans. Additionally, many of us have been separated by our partners and families due to unannounced lockdown and self-quarantine.

long distance relationships

Couples who have been separated due to Covid-19 are having difficulty— to say the least. If your significant other has been separated from you due to lockdown, we recommend you to try the following ideas to keep the romance alive. 

Find Ways To Spice It Up…. Seriously.

Don’t lean only on text alone. There are 1000 new ways to video chat these days. And have fun with it! Between all of the templates on Tik Tok and Instagram – you can bring your relationship to life in real ways. While texting is essential, the non-verbal gestures conveyed through voice and video call will be a reflection of your and your partner’s true feelings.  

Be Strategic About Quality Time 

Whereas pre-covid times were wonderful, we were all quite absorbed in our lives with little time to spare. Covid-19 has given us the time of the gift, so use it wisely. Invest this time to get to know your partner on deeper levels. Have deep conversations about life, the universe, and the meaning of our existence. Rekindle the romance and remind each other what attracted you initially in your significant other. 

When you speak to your partner while separated, remain attentive, and focus solely on him/her. Undivided attention people! Don’t multitask, and don’t zone out. Find a way to be interested in keeping your relationship alive. 


Add A Dash of Creativity 

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary solutions. Being stuck in a pandemic limits your options for having fun with your partner…. Or does it? However, all is not lost. You can still have a host of fun activities together such as:

  • That intimate, sex life you’ve been meaning to work on! Cough cough…. Now’s the time. 
  • Remind each other to stay hydrated, take health precautions, and wear protective gear when stepping outside.
  • Plan a virtual tour of a museum and take the tour together. Discuss your most favorite and least favorite thing about the museum. 
  • Choose a book and read it together. Discuss the characters and plot lines.
  • Try a new beverage or dish and share your reviews through voice notes etc.

Make Post-COVID Plans

It is imperative to keep hope alive for yourself and your significant other. One way to remain hopeful is to plan for a world free of coronavirus. Anticipate the good times in the future and make plans with your partner. 

Start with how happy you would be to finally meet your partner again. Plan vacations and holidays together. This will keep the mood light and the bond strong.

Put in Extra Effort on Virtual Dates

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