Dating Goggles

Dating Goggles

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

What is your next step? And I want you to ask yourself this question just in general though, like whether you’re dating or not dating or whatever the things are, you haven’t asked yourself what you want in a relationship. Write it down and make sure it’s real and realistic, relate it to your job.

Write your goal down and make sure it’s as realistic as whatever your job is. If you’re, writing down, I’m going to be a rockstar and it’s okay cool. But how realistic is that going to be at this point. So really giving yourself some texture some gravity, some perspective on what it is you actually want, how you’re going to get there. It will make you feel so much less lonely, so much happier and so much more grateful for the people that are around you and the things that are around you. It’s just, it’s here. It’s all there. What you’re looking for is actually here.

We just got to put the right goggles on for you to see them, so where, how can you meet all the people? Can you learn all the things? Can you see all the relatable stories, you can go to

And that is going to bring you to our gateway community to introduce you to a lot of other amazing singles, just like you! I mentioned before, that tomorrow we are going to be hosting a comedy night in the Honest Date Bar Facebook Group! We’re going to be playing Aziz’s full special. Grab your own drink. Make sure it’s a fun one.

Invite your friends. And then after the show, we’ll have a fun q&a to chat about it. And that’s all for now. Folks. Can’t wait to see you for matchmaker live next week. We bring in some experts and we’ll see you tomorrow night for comedy shows. Date night. Woohoo.

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