A Beginner’s Guide for How to Date in New York City

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New York City is home to ten million people. It is the economic hub of America and is often referred to as the greatest city alive. The city bustles with so much activity that NYC is fondly referred to as ‘The City That Never Sleeps.’ 

Shifting to New York will be good for your professional life. If you are smart and ambitious, this city has much to offer you. But apart from the professional, what are the prospects for your romantic life in NYC? 

It is a city of ten million people, most of whom are smart, successful, and charming. Such a large pool of people means more options to choose from. But, despite the numbers, the odds will not always be in your favor.

In today’s busy and complicated world, the chances of finding love are pretty slim everywhere. If it is your first time in New York, you might find the dating culture challenging and complex. Here there is no dearth of potential partners or the adventures one can take with them. 

However, finding the ‘right partner’ can prove to be quite an uphill task in New York. 

We asked multiple men and women to share their dating experiences in New York. Based on their observations, we have compiled 7 important dating lessons when looking for a romantic partner in New York City.

Online Dating Isn’t a Taboo Here – Embrace It

  • With 10 million people bustling in the city, a dating app might seem unnecessary. However, the truth is that dating apps can prove to be quite helpful in narrowing down your search for a partner. For one, they provide you with some preliminary information about the person you will be going on a date with.

You would agree to the date only if there is some convergence of interests and attraction on both sides. Online apps smooth down this process.

  • The second convenience which dating apps provide is that they allow us to search for a date in a set geographical location. Believe us when we say it, dating in New York is dictated by the physical distance between two people. In a city as big as New York, you want to date close to where you reside. Dating apps will help you filter out potential long-distance partners. 

While the old age way of meeting the love of your life in a bar is definitely more romantic and organic, modern times require modern solutions. Remain on the lookout for a partner in a bar, on the subway, or at a restaurant, but don’t disregard online dating completely. 



Be Your Best On the First Date

  • First dates are important. If you have a successful first date, it can pave the way to a long term relationship. New Yorkers take first dates quite seriously. Their busy schedules do not allow them to give second chance to a first date which may have gone terribly. 

We are not saying this to make you nervous or overly cautious. What we are trying to convey is that don’t underestimate the first date. Avoid being late and be at your best behavior. Dress up well, be thoughtful, and attentive on the first date.

Dating Isn’t Cheap

  • New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Similar to other activities, dating isn’t cheap either. While you might be accustomed to having a wonderful date under $50 bucks elsewhere, this isn’t the case in New York City.

Even if you go on a standard drinks-and-dinner date, it will easily cost you 100 dollars. If you want to add more spice to the date by going to the theatre, then be prepared to spend more. Make sure you carry enough cash or functional cards when going out on a date. 

Put Thought and Creativity in the Date

  • New York is not just the financial hub of America. It is also the epicenter of art, culture, literature, and entertainment. The city has so much to offer, embrace it. Why go on a routine drink and dinner date when you can do so much more together? 

Listed below are some fun and adventurous things for couples to do together in New York City:

  • Indoor skydiving at iFLY Westchester
  • Relax at Aire Ancient Baths
  • Visit the Museum of the Moving Image
  • Attend book swap parties
  • Take yoga classes
  • Watch the Knicks play at the Madison Square Garden

Your partner will appreciate the thought you had put in planning the date. It will also be a great bonding experience for both of you.


New Yorkers are Busy – Deal With It 

  • If you have never lived in this city before, you might be taken aback by how busy life can get here. Managing a full-time job along with looking after oneself equates to a very busy life. Hence, the common New Yorker does not have much time to spare.

Most people residing in New York understand the value of time. They are also very independent and prioritize themselves the most. Don’t expect your paramour to make too many adjustments in their schedule for you, especially if the relationship is new. 

  • At the same time, appreciate it if they skip a gym session or reschedule a salon appointment just for you. With New Yorkers, such small gestures indicate that they truly value and prioritize you. 

Their Dating Objective Might be Different Than Yours

  • Everyone has a different dating attitude. Some people date seriously and their goal is to look for The One. Others have a more casual and laid back attitude towards dating. They date to have fun and live in the moment. 

Generalizing New Yorkers into any of these categories would be wrong. However, the truth is that most men and women in their 20s are not looking for a serious relationship. It is possible that their ultimate objective of dating might differ from yours. It is better to communicate and clear things head-on before committing to a relationship. 

  • If you are a fan of the famous sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother’ you would remember the dating struggles of the main protagonist Ted Mosby when he was living in New York. He went from one date to another in search of true love and never gave up. He eventually found his soulmate after ten years of struggle. 

Ted Mosby taught us perseverance and consistency when looking for love. He also taught us to take the unconventional path of hiring a matchmaker and trusting them with his love life. We recommend you to take a leaf out of Mr. Mosby’s book and contact a professional matchmaker to help you find love in New York.

Matchmaker Review is one such organization that helps singles meet other eligible singles. Contact them now and let them help you in your quest for finding true love in New York City.


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