Relationship Roadmap

Relationship Roadmap

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

There’s a certain amount of work that YOU have to do on yourself.

I connect with so many people who are just so “over’ dating, and I understand that you come to a matchmaker, for example, because you’re ready to do something different.

But just because you come to someone doesn’t mean that everything is going to change. There’s a certain amount of work that you have to do on yourself and you have to be in a place to really understand, and be like, “Hey, I’m going to meet someone and put in the work it takes, and I’m not going to be married tomorrow.”

You have to be willing to understand that relationships take compromise. They take actually really getting to know each other. And a lot of people really mistake, the feeling of meeting somebody and feeling “oh, my gosh, like we’re in love already. Like I slept over at his place and like, we’d been on 10 dates in a week and like, we love each other so much.”

That’s the kind of relationship I would say… run away! Because the first time we got the kind of crush that just slaps you over the face. You were probably in kindergarten and then that’s the type of romantic relationship that we chase for the rest of our lives.

And the reality is… yes, we will find you the right person, you’re going to have it. But it’s not going to be right away. It’s goin to be the type of love that grows. And it just gets better over time. .

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