Single with Kids

Single with Kids

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

Alisa Purifico: Nice to meet you.

Member: Likewise, thank you for taking this time out.

Alisa Purifico: Oh my gosh. Of course. Are those your kiddos behind you on, in the picture

Member: Yeah, I got a nine-year-old daughter and a six-year-old boy,

Alisa Purifico: I love it. I love it.

Member: Yeah.

Alisa Purifico: Where in New York are you?

Member: I’m down by the shore. So I’m actually pretty much my spot is primo.

Member: I’m about like four blocks from the beach. Yeah. All these clubs around me, but it’s like so many young kids around, you know? And I’m like.

Alisa Purifico: Everything you just said is exactly the reason that it’s frustrating for you. Because it’s like there’s a lot of youngins and that’s not what you’re, that’s not what you’re looking for right now.

Alisa Purifico: Tell me a little more about your, where you’re at with your relationship. Like when’s the last time you were in a relationship. Have you had one recently? Tell me about,

Member: yeah I mean, I’m almost about two years separated now. You know, no intimacy. No, nothing for the past, like 18 months.

Alisa Purifico: Okay.

Member: So you know so I was closer to my job where I live at now.

Member: I said, that’s why I was like, all right, for a new start for me to move down. I see, you know, I still can’t find a spark I don’t know, over here

Alisa Purifico: I about to make the world better, like instantly ready. So where we lack in relationships, is perspective on how actually super duper duper hard it is for you to actually meet someone that you remotely jive with.

Alisa Purifico: There’s just not enough information telling people that. So what happens is the adverse is true. Now you think there’s something wrong with you because you haven’t met somebody and you’re like, wait a minute. Why is it so hard? But in reality, it’s the opposite. It’s super-duper hard. Think of anything else, your job, anything your kids like you, you sift through you qualify things.

Alisa Purifico: You research, you put filters up, but when it comes to love, every movie we have ever seen has told us that you should find this woman in the street and. And she should just faint you catch her and from a car, like, what is this garbage? It never happens it’s confusing. It’s confusing because that doesn’t, even if you did that, that doesn’t mean she’s right for you.

Alisa Purifico: I mean, you just were a nice guy and you say somebody on the street, so. What we’re doing is really bringing all of that energy, all of that, all of that mindfulness, you bring to the rest of your life, to your job, to your children, to where you live, and we’re going to bring it to your relationship. We’ll see you in the group love

Member: all right. Thank you.

Alisa Purifico: Cool, nice to meet you.

Member: All right you two!

Alisa Purifico: Good bye.

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