The Nice Guy Introvert

Converting The Nice Guy Introvert

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

Yeah. So I got into this really out of necessity probably about 15 years ago, actually longer now I’m dating myself, but I was like, the double whammy, I was a nice guy and an introvert. So it was not only done I not know what to say or how to flirt or any of that, I also just had the totally wrong mindset about what it takes to create attraction in a woman.

Luckily enough though, the fact that I was introverted and I kinda was always analytical. It’s like I was smart enough to actually watch and go, why are all these guys doing really well? And these guys aren’t and paying attention and realizing, Oh, wait a minute. This guy is telling this type of story.

And this guy has this type of attitude and these group of girls are always chasing these guys and always ignoring these guys. What is the difference? What are they doing? And I spent a while doing that and gradually, it’s a funny thing, once your confidence builds, once you start seeing results, it’s like you become a little less naturally of a nice guy, right?

And you become a little less introverted because you’re more confident of what you’re saying. And when you get women responding to you a certain way. It’s, oh wow, this is not as hard as I thought it was. So that was the journey I went on personally. And then about 12 years ago initially just started writing about it, about my journey, and then eventually started coaching some guys one-on-one, and then it got to the point where I had to start creating programs.

Cause I couldn’t really keep up with the number of guys that I was coaching. So I started doing bigger projects and whatnot and now 10 years, 12 years later here I am. So it’s just been a passion of mine, pretty much my whole life.