4 Essential Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Partner

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

Do you always pick the emotionally unavailable woman? Or the bad boy? Probably not to your surprise, there is a reason for that, and it’s deeper than you think. But if you’re not yet working with a Dating Coach or Matchmaker to help you better vet potential matches, here are some quick tips to help you self screen in the meantime.

Actively look for Someone Patient

  • Look for a partner who treats their family with patience and kindness. This sounds obvious but so often overlooked. We learn to love from  t their mama? Okay? We are humans and monkey see monkey do. Isn’t life so much easier when you actually like your inlaws at the holidays?

Don’t Try To Change Someone

  • Forget trying to change someone. Ladies, this is for you. Don’t waste your time trying to fix a broken bird, or hope they adapt. Examine your deal breakers, evaluate if they are grounded, real deal-breakers, and then use those to prevent you from falling for the wrong emotionally unavailable guy or gal.

Find Someone Who Listens To You

  • This one is obvious. If you can’t comfortably talk to your partner and share your deepest regrets and fears, it is not going to be a good match. But we understand, its easier said than found. It seems obvious partners should be comfortable talking to each other about their hopes, dreams, and fears, but it’s hard to identify a trustworthy person. Start by identifying if they are an active listener.

Avoid Someone Who Wants Marriage Immediately

  • Life moves quickly these days, but that doesn’t mean your relationship should. You need to spend at least six months with someone before getting engaged. If your partner insists on getting married sooner than this, consider it as a red flag. Not for the act of marriage, but for the urgency. Frantic urgency is not a stable way to start a marriage.

Find Someone Who Makes You Laugh

Last but not least, a sense of humor is one of the most important traits of a partner. If your partner can make you laugh and help you overcome life’s obstacles with a little bit of humor, you can count on that person to make your life a lot better.

Need Help Finding A Partner?

The tips above will only work if you are already dating someone. What if you can’t find someone to date? This is where matchmakers come in.

If you have trouble finding good partners, you can hire a professional matchmaker to do all the legwork. These professionals have vast networks consisting of men and women looking for a relationship.

But finding a matchmaker is also a tough job. Since the industry is full of all kinds of love coaches, you want to make sure you work with someone who has plenty of experience in the field and has a solid network of men and women.

At, we have one of the largest listings of professional matchmakers on the internet. Our dating coaches are ever ready to help you find the perfect partner or put a stalled relationship back on its feet.

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