Dating Profiles for Dudes

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

Tell me about your dating life. Where are you?

I’ve never, I’ve never been good at dating. Nobody is! Don’t feel bad. Nobody is! When I was in my twenties… I didn’t do anything… I didn’t know anything… but whatever I was doing was really good. Maybe it’s because I was 20.

I guess we’ll go to what, my life was like pre pandemic. Out of the blue.
I was seeing all these random emails in my inbox and like, Oh, this is interesting. And then I found your YouTube channel. I’m on like WOAH!

I’m on every dating site. And I. I have zero, zero game, zero luck. I try, I mean, and I’m getting so tired because I sit there. I like I’m the guy that’s trying to relate in the message that I send.

It’s very time-consuming and I never get someone, never get them to respond back. Never. If you don’t know, Bumble is the app or the girls talked to you first. Allegedly,

I never unlocked this feature. I got to upgrade my phone or something. I don’t know.

The biggest thing I see for men and women is that you need a good photo. You don’t need many, but good photos.

Do you have a tip on how they can quality check their own photo?

You can ask a few friends what they think. Ask people that will give you honest feedback, pick a screenshot and show them your profile and say, what do you think of this? People you know will give honest feedback.

That’s the idea! Helping people understand when they do or don’t need help. Right?

How can you quality check your photos? Go ask five people that are your mirrors, that will give you honest feedback. And if you’re like, that sounds like a crazy amount of work. I’d rather hire someone. Well perfect. We can help you with that too.

Comedian, Casey James Salengo talks about dating profiles.

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