Listening is Sexy

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Alisa Purifico & Bobby Rio discuss how attractive the act of listening is to a love interest.

The sexiest thing a guy can do is listen and not just listen to like check it off, but listen and apply because it shows us, you have depth. When you have depth, you win.

Women like guys who have depth. In this current climate, we are not cavemen anymore. We don’t need men to go out and kill bears and come back and set fires. It’s nice when he can cook and grill don’t get me wrong, but your guy needs to be a thinker. He needs to be really intuitive and he needs to put two and two together.

Women nowadays… that’s what we respond to because that’s what protects us in this current environment. We do not want guys to grill us with questions. Layer it with curiosity though, that shows us you’re listening, especially if it builds.

Ooh, that’s such a sexy turn-on. Oh my gosh. If you mention something that you recall that I mentioned, shows me you’re listening. It shows us that you’re powerful. I mean, seriously, it really, really shows us that you’re powerful. I love that.

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