Dating Wishlists

Dating Wishlists

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

Are your dating requirements…reasonable?


Since you’re not an objective source, complete these two exercises to make sure your dating expectations are where they should be:

  • STEP 1: Take a piece of paper, fold it in half, & write down all the qualities you seek in a partner (be as thorough as you can).
  • STEP 2: Open it up. How many of those qualities do you presently mirror, yourself?

If you can rightly say you embody the qualities you are seeking – then you are on a good path. If not, it’s time to recalibrate what you’re seeking.


Need more convincing?

  • STEP 1:  Show your list to your closest circle; your best friend, your parent, your best coworker, these people are your best mirrors.
  • STEP 2:  Without your input, ask them what they would add and or take away from your list. If you don’t have this, bring your list to a verified relationship pro – they’ll give you feedback.

If you’d like to run your list by a Professional, but don’t know one,  we’ll set you up. Book time with us at 


Elisa Del Castillo: You don’t come to a matchmaking service. You don’t go online dating and build your person from scratch. That’s setting yourself up for failure and for disappointment, honestly. So what I suggest doing first, get a piece of paper fold it in half. Write down the qualities that you want in someone make it a nice, beautiful quality list, like feel really good about it, open it up.

Can you mirror those qualities in yourself? And if you can actually say that everything that you’re looking for in a person is exactly what you have to offer. Bravo amazing. That means that you, that means that you’re dating with actual qualities that you feel like someone can go ahead and bring to the table because you bring those things to the table and also have conversations with friends.

If you, if you talk to someone in your like, or a conversation with a matchmaker, we’re happy to kind of. Check those expectations real quick too, but have a conversation with someone and say like, I’m looking for, you know, all of these things, like, do you feel like I am a really honest person? Do you feel like I communicate really well?

And if, you know, I think sometimes your friends and your family are best mirrors. They can be like, actually, no, I take that off because you don’t need it. So definitely like let’s stick with your expectations. If not, you’re going to be searching forever. And that’s not a fun way to live 

Alisa Purifico: either. No. And that’s that’s, that is totally legit.

I mean, I, by the way, I love that exercise. Is that it? So that is so it’s so easy. That’s so useful. 

Elisa Del Castillo: Yeah. Yeah. You should see faces sometimes. They’re like, Oh no. I’m like, you see, they’re like, you have to be real. You just have to be real. You don’t need to settle. You just have to be real. Right. 

Alisa Purifico: And I, again, I think the realization of, of, of the weight of what you need to bring to the table in order to receive that realization, it’s almost like it’s a clarity moment, right?

It’s like, Oh, 

Elisa Del Castillo: it’s been so hard. Yeah. Yeah. It’s very aha. I can’t tell you the number of times that I take meetings with people and yeah. I always ask, like, have you ever met with matchmaker before and more likely than not? They’re like, no, I’m like, great. Well, this is what this is going to look like. And by the end of the meeting, they’re like, that was really fun.

Like, it was very, it was so refreshing to be able to talk about these things because chances are, you probably don’t talk that much to your friends about your dating life and all of that. So it’s like, you’re kind of getting it all out there. And I think that just makes you date to makes you date a lot more intentionally.

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