Why Does it Feel So Difficult to Date?

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

Why does it feel so difficult to date these days?

Part of this is a mindset. And what we know from research about mindset is that if we put out there that we think something’s going to be difficult, it often is. If you choose to think something’s going to be negative, often the experience that you’re looking at it from is with a negative lens.

I think the difficult thing about dating in general is, that ultimately, even if you go on some good dates or you have some good relationships… until you find your person, it’s never really going to feel like you’re successful. So that’s why people in the journey constantly feel unsuccessful while they’re still dating, because they do still have this kind of end goal.

Right now, what we’re experiencing, obviously with the pandemic is it feels like there’s even more obstacles that come up in your mindset. Now, not only do you have to see if you like the person online, but also to navigate when do you feel comfortable meeting them in person.

Before we even talk to somebody, we already have this fear and this resistance internally, because we assume that it’s going to be difficult.