Dating with Comedians

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

A lot of you guys are just submitting questions and suggestions and what’s really funny about this season [of Matchmaker Live], literally pun intended… is that we are featuring comedians. And I think a lot of this is to fulfill my inner desire to BE a comedian 🙂

I won’t ever actually be one because I think I understand humor, but I can’t deliver it as they do. But nonetheless, there’s something about comedy and stand-up comedy specifically that really tells the truth. There is no filter!

So that being said, who better to explain the woes of dating right now, dating five minutes ago, dating five minutes from now, than all of the faces of comedy right now.

Aziz Ansari is kicking it off with me tonight. Literally one of my favorite comedians always has been, in fact, he’s actually turned into quite a relationship dating expert. And while this’ll probably be the closest I get to actually talking and hanging out with Aziz, although I did fall asleep in Dave Chappelle’s room one time hanging out with him, that’s a different story, but Aziz and I have not met yet.

Nonetheless, he’s funny. He tells you as it is and, really he’s right. I think that’s really the beauty of it, he’s right. And he’s real and he’s genuine and his intentions are great.

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