Freezing vs Listening

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Janet More and Alisa Purifico discuss the difference between Freezing and Listening when talking with someone new.
[Janet More] Guys think there are certain words you’re supposed to say that is supposed to make a difference. And there really isn’t.

[Alisa Purifico] What are the big mistakes when dating somebody new, whether it’s online, whether it’s in-person… in your opinion

[Janet More] They just freeze up and just don’t know anything to say. So they’re just frozen. That’s one scenario.

The next one is they get so nervous, they just talk too much. The key is listening, so they’re not listening if they are talking. You can’t listen while you’re talking, that’s kind of what happens too.

To me, the two big scenarios is they are thinking so much they’re in their head. They’re not being with the person, not listening to the other person because they’re thinking too much, worried about what they should say next or they just start talking.

[Alisa Purifico] I think you correlated it beautifully. Just pretend you’re in class. When you’re learning something new, you’re absorbing information and you listen to it very specifically.

So I mean, this can’t be that hard. Pretend your date is this really sexy professor in front of you and they are teaching you a lesson.
So pay attention, like seriously, like that can’t be that hard!

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