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Illa Lynn

Inspire Blissful Joy, LLC

Relationships Coach and Dating Strategist

Location: United States, Canada, United Kingdom
Marital Status: Single, Divorced, Separated
Gender: Women
Age Ranges: 30 – 55
Education Level: Associates Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree
Career Level: Management, Executives, Self Employed
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Why choose Illa Lynn?
This newfound confidence and perspective will help them walk through Life, and the Dating world with integrity, grace, and poise, while having a clear blueprint of what they want and deserve from a partner.

Meet Illa Lynn | Relationships Coach and Dating Strategist

My name is Illa Lynn, and I’m a life coach for women over 30 specializing in relationships and dating.  Some of the women I work with have had relationships, they married too young and are now in their thirties with a kiddo and they don’t know what to do with they’re like… obviously, my picker is off.

The ideal for every woman is to start her family, right? Have the white picket fence and have her “happily ever after”, because that’s what her mom taught her. What her grandma taught her. So a lot of us have that generational way of thinking of, what relationships should be about.

And a lot of times, we take things from the past and plant them in the future. And then we work into molding it, what it should be. A lot of times we miss the red flags, and so a lot of women end up really sacrificing their dreams and their joy and everything, just so that they can appease everybody and make everybody happy. So that they can stay in that congruency and so a lot of them put up with stuff like name-calling and lashing out and even physical abuse. 

A lot of women end up coming to me saying, I don’t know who I am anymore because they’ve shape-shifted so much in their relationships that they’ve lost themselves.

And so what we do is we go deep into discovering it. I have 10 questions that really asks a woman, not about the behavior, but about how she’s feeling because a lot of the stuff that they come to me with, it’s just surface stuff. Like we’re looking at the iceberg. This is what they say is going on, and this is what I know is going on. And so we go into unpacking it. 

We don’t dwell a lot in the past, that’s for therapy. But what I need to know is, what were some of the things that have transpired? So that we can work on molding it. I use a lot of NLP as well, just to reframe the thinking because a lot of us are just products of our thoughts. We all operate 98% on a subconscious level… autopilot. And only 2% off the conscious level. And so you’ve got to have someone who can help you break it all down.

How Can Illa Help You?

Are you struggling to find the right person to date? Are you feeling frustrated and discouraged by your love life? Millions of women are in the same boat, but there is hope. Meet Illa Lynn, a relationships coach and dating strategist who can help you get back on track and find the love you deserve.

Illa Lynn specializes in helping single women over 30 who are struggling with their love lives. If you’re finding it difficult to date or if you’re currently or you’ve been in a toxic relationship, she can help. Illa Lynn uses Relationship Coaching along with NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) to help her clients break free from negative patterns and find the love they deserve.

If you’re ready to get some help and learn how to date successfully, contact Illa Lynn today. You deserve to be happy in your love life!

Have you worked with Illa Lynn? Please let us know your experience below.

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