Her Top 10 Wish List

Her Top 10 Wish List

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

Alisa Purifico: Talk to me, lady what’s going on?

Member: The dating has been such a shit show. I can’t even these dudes, and I’m over it .

Alisa Purifico: I hear you sister one hundred percent, a hundred percent take the kind of guy out of your head for a sec. If you could like. When you’re manifesting your relationship,

Member: Actually I wrote it down. I wrote it down.

Alisa Purifico: Yes. Let’s go get it. I want to bring this up because I think it’s why. It’s why you’re so ungodly, frustrated and a lot of this, not because you don’t deserve these things, but a lot of times put the responsibility on the men to make us feel these things. When in reality, Half of those things have to do with you and not him.

Alisa Purifico: Girl, you give yourself those goosies first and then he’ll come running you know what I mean. But for real, you know, law of attraction, give yourself those goosies, you vibrate, and you want the right guys to come to you, Here. they come, they smell it. They feel it they’re Conkling. Woo. Like moths to a flame. When you have these things out, it’s separate.

Alisa Purifico: Then they feel that. And then the quality guys go away because they’re like, that is like one tall tower. I am not interested in climbing cause it’s like, whoa, that’s a lot. And then the guys that are left are the crazy guys who come out and have no filter and they have no problem sending you dick pics. We just went through all the stuff you don’t want and all the stuff, all the stuff you do want.

Alisa Purifico: Why, why are we there yet? Like what’s stopping you from getting there. Do you think?

Member: Um, it’s a really good question.

Member: I never had a problem finding decent guy to date. Never. It just seems like now I’m like what and why in a different planet? All of a sudden, because I don’t know what’s going on here.

Alisa Purifico: Yeah. You’re 13 years older. It’s different. It’s totally it’s light years different

Member: This is a shit show.

Alisa Purifico: The first thing to readjusting your, like your expectations is that falling in love and finding the right person at this point in your life is going to be light years different than when it was 13 years ago.

Alisa Purifico: Like it’s just going to be totally different. That shock, like of that, like in my different planet, you actually are like the way people fall in love. The way people communicate is so different. Even from 13 years ago where just even the different cues that people take, the different information that people take.

Alisa Purifico: It is a different time. And so you should think of yourself as I’m learning, how to date all over again. Like, okay, let me reset. Where are my tools? And like, where should I be, where my sister’s at, like to know having a vetting system of the things that matter to you is important. And that’s yeah, that’s what makes it a smart data.

Alisa Purifico: The reality is the people who are extra charming that go out of their way to get your attention. Your flags should go immediately because those are the scammers, those boys, those are the assholes. So if you’re an acceptable bunch of friend requests from guys on face, Um, great. Make sure that you’re like. Alisa, I’m talking to Joe, Johnny and Bart. Can you check them out on me and like, yeah, let’s hear. Yeah, he’s legit. He’s not blah, blah, blah. That way you can stop wasting your time and really align your dating to start to date the guys who actually are worth their salt. Cause the reason you’re not meeting them is because they’re quite quiet because they’re smart and they’re working.

Alisa Purifico: So anyway, so that’s what these are. You just need to put yourself in places where you’re connecting with people who actually know where these guys are. Instead of you like swatting the flies away. Actually, I got some guys in my waiting room. I gotta go let them in, but I adore you. I love you. I’m so happy that you’re here.

Alisa Purifico: I’m so pumped, um, and welcome to the community and I can’t wait to get you. Get you that, man. Yeah. Yes, baby. You’re welcome. Bye bye.

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