Is Swiping Right Ruining Your Chances of Finding The One?

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

In this digital age, finding the one has become a process of flicking through face after face, finding one you like, swiping it right, and hoping it’s a match. The dating landscape has drastically changed the pursuit of romance since Tinder became available to all smartphone users in 2013. Chatting with strangers on an app and asking them out after a few exchanges have become the standard and acceptable way to seek romance. 

Dating apps started out for the benefit of the gay community. Grindr and Scruff helped single gay men connect by linking each other within a specific geographic radius. When Tinder launched in 2012 for iPhones, dating apps suddenly weren’t just for the homosexual community. With Tinder, almost anyone had access to dating online. And in 2013, when Tinder finally expanded for Android phones, 70 percent of smartphones worldwide installed the said dating app. Since then, dating apps have reinvented romance in many ways.

Today, aside from Tinder, Bumble, OK Cupid, and more dating apps have been developed. But do these dating apps really work? After carelessly swiping through people’s dating profiles, landing and swiping right on someone that you are attracted to, and with the app declaring that: “It’s a match!” you can’t help but wonder: is it, really?

If you find that your attempts with dating apps have been a complete waste of time, here are three possible reasons why. 

Dating apps give too many choices.

Dating apps give too many choices, too easily

Dating apps make navigating the dating world convenient. But this convenience can also ruin the chances of finding it. The fact that we have so many options at our fingertips makes the quest for love harder than ever. Ironically, now that choices come easy, choosing became more challenging. This is because of something called “the paradox of choice.” 

The “paradox of choice” is when even though there is nothing wrong with your current date, knowing that you have millions of options at your fingertips makes you wonder, is there someone better out there? This makes you leave a good person in the cold just because you want to know if the grass could be even greener somewhere else. 

According to Psychology Today, in online dating, we have been eliminating people as potential matches just because of something as mundane as sparse eyebrows or crooked teeth. Because of the convenience and enormity of options that dating apps offer, we may have missed out on so many potential matches. Simply because we believe that the next face that pops on our screen could be better.  

Dating apps can't recognize what you want

Dating apps can’t recognize what you want

Ever wondered how dating apps decide which dating profiles pop up on our screen? There are three factors: location, age preference, and the algorithm of past swiping. The element of past swiping works like this: if person A swipes right on a bunch of people who were also swiped right by person B, the app will then give person A a few of the same people that that person saw and liked. 

As far as we all know, that’s how it works. And that’s where the problem of dating apps lies. Dating apps ultimately just can’t recognize what we are really looking for in our partners… depth and emotional intelligence. These are things that dating apps can’t identify and provide. It may offer a quick and convenient way to find potential dates, but chances are, these people you are seeing on the app aren’t looking for the serious commitment you may be looking for. 

If not dating apps, then what? 

If you are one of the hopeless romantics and old school lovers out there. If you aren’t interested in just hooking up with someone you met online, then a love-professional can help you find the one you are looking for. Our Love–Professional’s at have another approach that dating apps cannot offer. She gets a feel of who you are and what you want, and with that help, you find the one. Begin your search now at Matchmaker Review and let’s start finding love, the old school way. 

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