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The Importance of Context Dates

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How to Gauge a Person’s Character in Different Contexts

When it comes to dating, it is important to gauge a person’s character in different environments and contexts. This means going on context dates, where you are not just talking across the dinner table or having drinks for many consecutive days.

In matchmaking, we would often hear people say that they want someone who is really kind. But that’s not something you can ask. You have to observe them in different situations to see if they are considerate and kind.

Within five to eight dates, you should be able to tell if someone has potential as a romantic prospect. This is because by that time, you would have seen them in different situations and gotten to know them better. If they are still a potential prospect, then you can continue dating them and getting to know them even better.


In conclusion, it is important to gauge a person’s character in different environments and contexts when dating. This will allow you to get a better understanding of who they are and if they are compatible with you. By observing someone in different situations, you will be able to get a better idea of their true character.

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