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Amy Van Doran

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Matchmaking, Coaching, Events, LGBTQ+
Location: New York
Marital Status: Single, Divorced, Separated
Gender: Men, Women, Non-Binary
Age Ranges: 18 – 30, 30 – 55, 55+
Education Level: None Required
Career Level: None Required
Packages are $25,000+
Why choose Amy Van Doran?

My name’s Amy Van Doran and I’m a professional matchmaker at The Modern Love Club in New York City.

The Modern Love Club, there are a couple of different references… I am a big David Bowie fan, so there’s the Modern Love Song. And also the Modern Love column in the New York Times.

The Modern Love Club offers high-end matchmaking, where we curate your love life, starting with pretty extensive date coaching. I just really get in there with my clients.

Date Coaching, Attachment Styles & Landing the One

We’re only working with 16 people at a time, but those 16 people go on a six-month journey. Where we make sure that your pictures are amazing. Where you are totally representative of yourself so that the person that’s looking for, you can actually find you. I talk to them once a week, I go shopping for them, and we take their pictures.

We figure out your attachment style. We connect your early childhood stuff. We really get in there. You need an exercise person? We bring in a trainer for that. We really want to make sure that you’re your best self so that if I do put your match in front of you, you’re going to be able to land them.

Who are the Modern Love Club members?

The people that I’m working with as matchmaking clients tend to be highly functional optimizers who are doing amazing things. We have a lot of actors, artists, scientists… people that are just doing cool stuff in the world. People that are busy, that want their stuff curated so they can just show up, have amazing dates.

They can go do amazing stuff and I’ll figure out their love life. It’s like someone who would buy a piece of high-end art or is really interested in experiences or personal development.

Finding Love is a Journey

I also go on coaching journeys with people who are having confusion around their sexuality or confidence, we work with people based on who we connect with. And who’s open to going on a journey.

People can sign up on our website at and book a love session with us. And so I’ll do a one-hour zoom interview.

If someone just wants to be a match as a potential for one of our amazing clients, they can just fill out the Rolodex on the website. And if I think there’s a match, then I’ll bring them in and also do the full one-hour interview.

So everyone’s getting interviewed, I’ve interviewed over 10,000 people over the last 15 years. It’s amazing. It’s the best feeling in the world.

It just makes the whole world work better when people love and feel loved.

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Meet Amy Van Dorn



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