No Naked Upper Body Selfies

No Naked Upper Body Selfies

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

Hello, everyone out there in the tech-geek-land. My name is Janet More I’m The Geek Whisperer. I’m a dating confidence and connection coach for single men tech. And as you can see here, I am a geek. I used to be a software developer and I became a business analyst, a scrum master agile coach.

I love helping guys that are maybe awkward or nervous or having trouble, connecting with women. I am the coach to help you with getting more confident and learning how to connect with confidence.

Tonight’s topic is online dating profile picture no-nos. What you do not want to do with your online dating profile pictures. Okay. What happens when you’re online dating? What’s the first thing they see, they see your pictures and I’ve probably said this before, but this is what women do.

They look at your pictures first, and then they read what you have to say. So the first meeting of a woman to you is going to be a picture, they are going to look at your picture first, if they think, this might be a guy they might be interested in THEN, they’ll go read, and if they don’t like what they read, then they’ll move on. But today, we’re going to only be talking about your profile pictures. that’s why it’s important because. That’s the first access you’re going to have to women. So you want to make sure they look good. These are the no-nos you want to make sure you do not do this.

So first one is no naked, upper body mirror pictures. How many of these I see all the time. It’s so crazy. And I tell you because I go friends and they just go, ooh, yuck! First off. If a man has to do that, then you got to go.

That makes us go, that guy must not think much of himself. He must think like he’s so insecure that he has to, wear it has to take off a shirt and take a picture himself right now. I’m not talking about if you’re out in the sun jumping around in your bathing suit, that’s not what I’m talking about.

If you want to do that. That’s fine. Actually. That’s actually okay. But it’s like those mirror ones where you’re taking a picture of yourself to show off your muscles or I’ve even seen guys go like this. If we think we like what we see at first just this.

And then we like what you wrote, then we’ll be more willing to actually swipe right. Or contact you or reply to you. If you’re don’t have those pictures. So that’s a big, no-naked upper body mirror picture.

Don’t do it. If you have them right now, go and delete them now, like really delete them. Now you think some women really like that… I’m like, okay, think about it. We’ll just think a little bit.

I’m not gonna say you’re not going to get women, but the quality of woman that likes your naked body mirror pictures, what kind of woman is going to like that? Think about it. Not the kind of woman you want to date.

Quite a lot of drama. I don’t know. I’m saying don’t do it. Just go and delete those pictures. Okay. Right now, if you see, go there and do it. If you don’t have any awesome you’re doing the right thing.