Our Top 5 Matchmakers Share Their Most Valuable Dating Advice

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

Have you ever been in a bad relationship and wondered why things went south? Dating, love, and relationships are complicated which becomes harder if you’re with the wrong kind of person. We tend to find partners on online dating platforms and in public places like bars, libraries, gyms and more but never put in thought on who we really want to date.

The fact of the matter is that we have become so desperate that most of us end up dating anyone we find attractive. This is where matchmakers come in. If you’ve been struggling with relationships, perhaps it’s time to meet a matchmaker and help them find the perfect partner for you.

Date coaches do just about everything a matchmaker does, minus the proprietary database and screening services. Meaning, a date coach does not personally house a database of singles, but helps you better navigate your online dating profile on public dating apps and sites – ie: photo recommendations, bio building, reachout methods etc.

Whether you are already in a relationship, or you are looking for the right person, we have curated a list of the most valuable dating advice from our expert relationship coaches. Do yourself a favor, and listen to what they have to say. Apply it in real life and you’re guaranteed to make things work in your dating and personal life.

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Don’t Fear Failing

  • Dating is complicated and it is okay to fail once, twice or even thrice. Think of big names like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and others and you’ll realize how many times these guys failed before they made it big.

To succeed, you must fail. But you must never allow your self to feel bad about your failures. Going to bad dates only means that you are getting closer to finding that perfect someone. If you stop trying, you’ll never find the love you desire.

Don’t Rely too Much on Initial Chemistry

A lot of people these days rely on initial chemistry but it is a limiting factor these days. Matchmakers believe that the initial pull you feel towards someone is nothing but lust. The right way to do things is to let that chemistry grow over the few next dates and then take things to the next level and start getting to know each other better.

Be Your Best

  • Do you want to attract the right person? According to professional matchmakers, the only way to attract the right person for you is to be the person you really are. By this, we mean that you have to be your best so you can attract the best.

A lot of singles these days try to fill in loopholes by pretending to be someone else when they are looking for a partner. Some people even go to an extent to change their entire personality to attract someone they like.

  • This works on a surface level but when things get deeper, everything comes shambling down.

Don’t Stick to Your Type

  • Singles these days tend to strictly date people who fit in their ‘type’. It is okay to give other people a chance but it will require you to step out of your comfort zone. Try and date people who you normally wouldn’t and you’ll be surprised how refreshing things can be.

The best thing about going out with people who are not your type is that you’ll discover new things and there is always a chance that your ‘type’ may change on the way and you may not even realize it.

Date More Than One Person Simultaneously

  • The final and most important advice from our matchmaker’s community is to date as much as you can and date multiple people at the same time if you have to. When you are in the early stages of your youth and looking for a future partner, it is okay to go out with a lot of people until you find the one that really moves you.

The best thing is that you’ll gain experience in dating which will allow you to pinpoint the positives and negatives of a person. This will help your heart and mind guide you to the right person when it comes to a serious relationship later on.

Need Professional Help?

It is okay to fail in dating, a lot of people to do. What’s not right is giving up and thinking that you are not worthy of a good partner. Most of the time, we are doing things that are getting in our way.

If you’re still struggling with dating, love, and relationships, tap into our exclusive matchmaker’s community and let them help you. We have hundreds of matchmakers on our platform that helps singles find love, everyday.

With a matchmaker on your side, your chances of ending up with the right person significantly increase. So don’t waste time and let your age slip, get in touch with one of the matchmakers on our website and see the difference for yourself.

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