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Stop Thinking?!?

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

I said to stop thinking. And that sounds crazy, but stop thinking, just stop it. It’s overrated. Just don’t do it!

Janet More

[Alisa Purifico] In your opinion though. I think this is important because I think there are certain struggles that people who spend more time with their computer than they do with people, struggle with. What are some of the hurdles that they go through when they date versus people that don’t?

[Janet More] So, because they’re so smart, they do a lot of thinking.

I remember when I was running my computer, making a program go, we’d have to think, you think all day long, you’re thinking constantly to get this program to work, they tend to be overthinkers and then they start actually predicting the future almost. Like, what to say, what they need to do and a lot of la-la-la… and before you know, it, they’re not even moving forward because they have basically talk themselves out of moving forward.

The beautiful over-thinker that they are, that’s given them the ability to have this skill set that they have in tech has actually hindered their ability to not overthink when it comes to the places where it’s not needed. And frankly, not necessarily, which is what you’re saying.

In fact, I tell my clients, they really need to take that thinking part out and just go, just move forward and see what happens.

And I like to also say, make it an experiment, try it out, see if it’s gonna work, test it out. Stop thinking and just move forward and make it be a game. Make it be a test.

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