The Story of Being Single

The Story of Being Single

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

So here’s the tough part for anybody that’s been dating for the last 15 years. Technology has drastically changed, which is a little bit of a mind craze on the dater. It’s a little nuts because no generation, no person had to deal with that before you.

The way it’s changing and at the rate, it’s changing the technology and how people meet, it’s a little bit overwhelming. It really stops you from finding the most biological simple thing, which is a mate. So how do we simplify it? Really remember that. Okay.

Some things take a bit of time. Some things take some commitment, some things take some patience. If you’re looking for a good connection, if you’re looking for something that will click, then you need to spend some time on it. When we’re talking about these relatable stories, let’s talk a bit about, what being single right now actually means. People talk about their relationship stories all the time.

” I met this person, here… and oh, we met and we were just dancing… we saw each other and then now we’re together and ….” that’s great. I love relationship stories they are lovely, but we don’t hear enough of the single stories, which is “yeah, I was texting this guy we’re going back and forth for two weeks and then he ghosted me. That happened five times.” Or, the girl, “Yeah. We were texting back and forth and, we even went out and then she ghosted me and then I saw her, posting on Instagram.”

It’s just all of these ways we can communicate with each other without actually saying anything to each other and that’s powerful. And it’s also a little bit scary and it makes people feel very vulnerable. So being single right now really means you being armored. And ready in ways that singles before you have not had to be, you really are having a force field around you a little bit because people and relationships and energy and things can come at you in ways they never have.

And at the speed they never have before with, or without your actual conscious consent. So it is time for you to take back control over what you’re looking at, how you feel and feeling good. If you really want a relationship, then, control the energy and go put your thoughts into something that actually will get you what you want.


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