Setting Expectations in Dating

Communicating Expectations

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

What would you say to women, what should they expect from a guy when they’re talking to somebody new?

Obviously there’s some kind of reciprocity there. You messaged first. They messaged back. We have to empower ourselves to communicate if there are expectations. So if you really want the guy to pick out the place or whatever, you can set that tone.

If they ask, Oh, where do you want to go? Oh, I’d love it if you chose. Like, you know, I like trying new things, like go for it. You know, if that’s what you expect. Then they will make a mental note. Oh, okay. She likes when I kind of take charge and then I’m going to do that

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Exposing Fake Profiles

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The Most Common Let Down

The Most Common Let Down

Quick poll for all of you. I’m excited about this one, cause I think it’s really telling how people communicate or don’t communicate these days.

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Julia Bendis

My name is Julia Bendis I’m a matchmaker, I’m an author. I’m a relationship and dating educator. Really, that’s what I’m doing is educating people…

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How to Creep, Less…

How to Creep Less and Date More Okay, so we all agree that excessive creepiness is not cool, right? Whether it’s online or in-person, nobody

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