Getting Over Your Ex

Getting Over Your Ex

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

Alisa Purifico: Hi, who’s this?

Member: Hi, how are you?

Alisa Purifico: Can see your cute face. So I know you’re a real person?

Member: Yeah, sure because I never used app before.

Alisa Purifico: Yeah, look at you handsome.

Member: You popped up on Instagram. I’m like, let me go give it a try.

Alisa Purifico: Tell me about your dating life. Talk to me.

Member: Well, I dated here and there. Nothing serious. I haven’t found the right person, I guess.

Alisa Purifico: Alright, cool. Let’s dig a little deeper here and there. Have you been in love?

Member: Someone for like four years then we broke up.

Alisa Purifico: Gotcha for four years. So we have not been in love for four years. Talk to me why do you think it’s been four years since you’ve had another relationship?

Member: honestly because I thought I was not. I was kind of like backing off from dating for a while because that relationship did like hurt me. It goes a lot of good times. The only thing I stopped, the reason why I started dating is because like she started going out with someone else while she was dating me so that kind of hurt me and made me not trust a lot of people.

Alisa Purifico: That’s the worst too, especially when she’s your first love. Like that’s like a double burn. It’s like a double whammy. That’s a bummer.

Member: Yeah. Like I met her parents. I knew everything we were. And the funny thing I was about to buy a condo for us to live in. So like I would really stepping up.

Alisa Purifico: Yeah. Well, and listen, that’s not, it’s not any a Testament of you because the reality is she was seeking things for herself that you weren’t there yet.

Alisa Purifico: Why now?

Member: Cause I’m like alone right now I don’t really I don’t really need someone, but It would be nice to come home or just to able to talk and catch up with someone like I have family, but it’s not the same thing going with family then having a partner.

Alisa Purifico: Okay. So we’re ready to start connecting. Okay. And what does that look like for you? Like you’re ready to revisit a relationship. Are you ready to start dating again?

Member: I think I’m ready to start dating again and try it out again.

Alisa Purifico: And you should, because you know, not everybody is your Ex. Most people you’re looking to connect with somebody virtually now and like get back out there in the winter or you’re looking to like,

Member: Um, I think virtually good now. And then, and if it works out, then I’ll try it out. As I get out of work, take a day off and go meet up with them.

Alisa Purifico: All right. So we’re putting ourselves back out there. What, what are you going to do? Differently, I guess

Member: My friend tried to set me up online but I didn’t like that.

Alisa Purifico: Have you seen the movie? The wizard of Oz before?

Member: Yeah.

Alisa Purifico: Okay. So do you remember the scene? I always laugh. When I talk about this, it makes me giggle because I made it up. It makes me laugh the, uh, the dude at the gate and he opens the thing and he’s like, Who are you? You may see the wizard now. Like, you know the part where like, he lets them into Emerald city, the little, the little guard at the gate.

Alisa Purifico: Okay. So that’s me like, I’m the little guard at the gate. And I like screen everybody that comes through to make sure they’re not like scammers or bots. So, but people come into this group. Some people have been dating online and they’ve been scammed or they’re frustrated. And. Certain parts of the group and other people are like, like you were like, no, I don’t date online.

Alisa Purifico: I’m just used to meeting people in person. And I can’t right now cause the pandemic. So I’m looking for virtual in-person communities and I run what we call data checks to make sure anybody you’re dating is they are who they say they are. Um, cause there’s a lot. There’s a lot of catfishing.

Member: Thank you.

Alisa Purifico: All right, cool. Uh, go back to work, get some rest. You have any questions? Let me know and talk to you soon.

Member: All right. Cool.