Why Are You Stopped?

Why Are You Stopped?

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

So why are you here? You’re single. You’re bummed. Let’s think about why you’re frustrated, why you’re stopped. That’s the biggest question, right? Why are you stopped? Because if it’s not you stopping, then you’ve gotta be proactively doing something. So always think about why are you here? Why are you single? Why has it been this long, especially if you’ve been successful and all these other parts of your life.

I talk to you guys all day long. I love it. I love talking to you guys, it is so much fun. But even today I talked to three different dudes who gave me all the same reasons that they were single and it was the same reason and all these different scenarios. And that was that they were doing all the wrong things online.

Vintage ipod

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