How to Meet Locals

How to Meet Locals

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

Alisa Purifico: You went from Queens to Brooklyn. Tell me about your love life was the last time you were in love.

Member: I actually am divorced. So yeah, I was in love at one point. It was pretty rough, honestly, but it was very unexpected when it happened on my side. Um, so it’s a bit of a surprise and then finally starting to feel like myself again.

Member: Yeah.

Alisa Purifico: Yeah, no, I hear you. Thank you for sharing that with me through the computer screen, I can feel that it was rough. And I’m sorry that you went through that, that there is nothing anybody can ever say that will like really take that sting out of just the pain, but take it from someone who talks to singles all day, seeing people go through these things and get out on the other end.

Alisa Purifico: The thing that does get them through is time and two taking steps, to create new connections. As you’re doing, this is all stuff that’s going to help you get to a new reality. Was not that wasn’t in the past and that will be away from the hurt that you were in because inevitably your ex did you hindsight favor and that okay.

Alisa Purifico: They weren’t on the same page as you. So you are going to be with somebody who is on the same page and wants the same things and you guys work going to eliminate communication. I nerd out on this stuff, obviously.

Alisa Purifico: Have you dated at all?

Member: So try a few apps, um, try, Facebook dating, Tinder, Bumble, and hinge.

Member: And I tried some meetup events. I’ve found that the events were better than apps. I’m not good at apps. And then the pandemic hit. I didn’t try dating after that. Um, but now things are finally starting to look a little bit better. Maybe it’s time. Start back up again.

Member: Totally starting

Alisa Purifico: to be this way though.

Alisa Purifico: Really getting to know somebody intimately, virtually first. Anyway, there’s a connection that needs it. It’s healthier that way. When you meet physically, it’s so much more powerful. So I think that’s been a continuous talking to somebody in personally. It’s easier to make a connection, right? Yeah. Yeah, apps are fine.

Alisa Purifico: But the problem is they’re national and they’re not locally curated. You’re in one area and somebody in another area and it just, it doesn’t make any sense. So that’s why you take some people who are local to be like, Hey, let’s go find other local people and like get together and like, and like actually make community for it to be worth your while.

Alisa Purifico: All right. sir looking forward to seeing you in the group and connecting and happy Friday.

Alisa Purifico: You too. Bye.

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