Imagine Yourself In Love

Imagine Yourself In Love

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

When you imagine yourself in love? What do you see? And that’s a real question.

How do you figure out what you want? Well, a good way is to start with some daydreaming or night dreaming or any kind of dreaming, literally think about it. What do you see? And this is the part that you’re going to write down.

Let it go. This is a stream of consciousness, exercise here, write it down. And then you have to read it back and really be real with yourself. All of these things will help you move a step forward.

When you think of what you’re looking like in love, a lot of people put their parents in that shoe because they don’t have their own experience yet. So be careful with that because even though we do bring some of our parents into our next relationship, your parents are not you.

So don’t let that inhibit you from creating your own.

Modern Love Club

My name’s Amy Van Doran and I’m a professional matchmaker at The Modern Love Club in New York City. The Modern Love Club, there are

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