Is Dating Easier Now?

Is Dating Easier Now?

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

Is dating easier now or was it easier before the internet?

Here’s the thing, guys. I talked to you all day and all day you tell me, I never thought I would be somebody that had to date on the internet. I was trying to avoid dating on the internet. I just thought I could meet someone. I just, I just, I just

Big reality check for you.

We’re not going backwards. The Internet’s only going to get bigger and more complex and smarter and more dynamic. So if you don’t really start to understand it, if you’re going to be on this planet, you better embrace the fact that technology is going to be the new way you’re doing literally everything.

Even when everybody’s back to the same old, same old… companies are going to stick to digital practices that they learned during this pandemic time, in regular times. And we’re going to be more digital than we ever were before. It’s just pushing it forward.

So that being said, do you want to be on the missing out end of that? Or do you want to really understand how these tools work and how you can position yourself in a better place to meet better people? .

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