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Nora Dekeyser

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Why choose Nora Dekeyser?

Nora began her Matchmaking career in New York, setting up the Big Apple’s most sought after singles. She worked with clients ranging from celebrities, entrepreneurs, and top executives, to college students, and stay-at-home moms. Nora has spoken with over 20,000 singles about their past relationships, their family upbringings, their deepest pains, and their most genuine hopes in creating a future full of healthy and fulfilling relationships.


I’m a former matchmaker, turned relationship and date coach, mentor, speaker, and author.

On-again, off-again relationships, low self-esteem, to transforming the dating lives of over 20,000 clients, my passion runs deep for helping frustrated clients take control of their relationships.

Date Coaching

After 4 years as a Matchmaker, I have finally opened my doors to 1:1 coaching. I realized all of my clients who came to me to find love had one thing in common:

They weren’t able to attract their dream partner organically. I know the exact formula that will make you the most attractive person in the room – I can’t wait to work with you to change your love life!

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