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Location: California
Marital Status: Single, Divorced
Gender: Men, Women
Age Ranges: 30 – 55, 55+
Education Level: Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Doctor / PHD
Career Level: Management, Executives, Self Employed
Packages are $10,000+
Why choose Shannon Lundgren?
“I’m a boutique white-glove matchmaking company. I’m a highly educated, intellectually curious Ivy league, graduate MBA. And I also have had a 20 plus year career in the corporate world as a senior executive. That’s a rare combination in the matchmaking world. And that allows me to connect with certain people and understand where they’re coming from.”

What Kind of Single’s are You Looking to Match?

I’ve worked with thousands of singles. The number one quality I hear again and again that they’re seeking in a romantic partner is someone who’s intellectually curious. The second quality I hear the most is someone who’s kind.

Intellectually Curious?

Intellectually curious means, being really curious about the world, about others, it’s a critical thinking skill. It’s the ability to not just take things as is, but to question things and it’s a lifelong curiosity and attribute.

Someone could be very highly educated but think they know everything. An intellectually curious person is constantly learning personal development.

My clients are looking to find that in a partner, doing something they’re passionate about and wanting to be with someone to have that one plus one equals 11 type of relationship.

One + One = Eleven?

One plus one equals 11 is when you partner with someone who actually is synergistic and truly adds to your life in a way that it’s much more than what you have on your own. You come to a relationship whole as you are.. You’re not looking for someone to fill a hole in your heart. So one plus one equals 11 describes, not only have you found someone great to share your life with, but it’s actually in fact even better together.

What is Shannon’s Circle?

We’re a very small boutique matchmaking company. We only take on 15 clients at a time. I’m a highly educated, intellectually curious Ivy league, graduate MBA and have a 20 plus year career in the corporate world as a senior executive.

As a function of my background, my Rolodex is flush with those same types of singles. The singles that work with me, want to meet someone who’s intellectually curious like themselves, that has a similar background.

I really take time to get to know my clients and in fact even before they become clients, I take that time upfront to see if we’re truly a good fit. I have to have a line of sight that I can truly help them. If I don’t have that confidence and belief that I actually can help them and get them into the relationship of their dreams, I don’t take that client on.

My goal is to not get you out on a bunch of dates, my goal is to get you into a great relationship. Figuring out the puzzle of who would be the right fit for you. My role is to be your partner along the way to get you across that finish line into that great relationship you’re seeking.

It is complimentary and encouraged to join my circle. It’s free to be part of my virtual Rolodex and my circle.

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