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Alisa Purifico, National Date Scout –

This is obvious, but do you appreciate, would you appreciate meeting other singles who were in the same situation you are? I know that sounds a little bit girl scout, but it’s so true.

Like we, we want this very deep, heavy, awesome thing, even if it’s fun, even if you’re not looking for something serious. Just looking for something fun. Finding even a good physical connection with somebody… that’s hard, that’s chemistry. You even need to do homework to get a good lay.

That’s real. If you’re an adult, like you know who you are and what you like, and you need to do homework, you can’t just like wing it. So do you want to meet other people like you? Are you willing to actually put in some real time to figure out the people like you? Again, treating your partner, like you do your current job, knowing what kind of future you have with your job, start to think about future pacing.

You think about it, can you future pace your partner?

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