Scary Dating Moments

Scary Dating Moments

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

Now we’re going to talk about perceptions on dates. Guys’ opinions of the girls, girls opinions of the guys, or guys’ opinions of the girls opinions of the guys, or the guys opinions of guys, girls opinions of girls, whatever, whoever you’re dating, but really it’s about what is your expectation on the date?

And when are you scared about it?

First question what is the scariest moment that you’ve had on a date? And I want everybody to think about that. That is not just exactly what it sounds to the ear. I understand that it could mean physically. It could be mentally, it could mean just caught off guard.

Let’s start with the heterosexual ladies, for example. Ladies, you’re goingout with guys and, there’s all these things you have to consider, who he is, is he who he says he is? And statistically speaking, there’s a shocking amount of people who are not who they say they are. And you’ve gotta be ready. You still gotta look cute. Put the heels on, but be ready to run just in case he’s a serial killer and get the mace out.

But make sure you got all this stuff on. So there’s all these things, and guys, you’re hearing that and you’re like, that’s ridiculous. No wonder dating is so hard. If the women are thinking about that the entire time, that I could be potential serial killer. And I’m over here just wondering does she think I’m weird? does she think I smell or whatever.

It’s just all these missteps. I think what we’re learning from this, there’s a lot of stuff you can learn about somebody ahead of time, by either information that’s already easily available on the internet, or just by asking. And there’s an easy way to do it without being super weird.

Share your stories, please. I’m inspired by 17 magazine. When we used to submit our most embarrassing moments, my sister and I used to love that section of the magazine. It was so juicy. Couldn’t believe it, all these embarrassing stories anyway. that’s funny.

If you haven’t had a scary moment on a date and you’ve had a pretty lackluster dating experience until this point what’s your worst nightmare? Describe what it is that you’re just terrified will happen to you on a date, whether it be real or not. Please comment below.

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