Wait, Dating is NOT Easy?!?

Wait, Dating is NOT Easy?!?

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

“I think it’s neither one. Many men are just not ready to commit many times. I truly believe my gentleman’s out there, but no one must go through a lot of men that do not have what you’re looking for in a partner. Relationships are not valued as it once was.”

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Your love life.  You’re like, no, that should be given to me. It should be free. It should be easy.  It should be rainbows and butterflies and somebody should make a movie around it.

Come on ya’ll, get a grip. You know, that’s not real.

You’ve gone on what I’m sure feels like your fair share of dates. I get it. But here’s the thing, even if you’ve gone on 375 dates, that’s not enough in terms of giving you this granular information, because think of all the times that you had to fail at a perfect shot to get that perfect swish or make a perfect sandwich or whatever you had to do to really master a craft.

So I’m not saying go on a million dates to find the best person, but what I’m saying is there are ways to kind of chop off ways that you don’t need to be focusing on attention that you don’t really need. Right. You can start to look at it that way. Not everybody gets your time at attention.

It’s just the truth and you have to stick by it and you have to believe it. You have to really believe that your time is valuable because you’re not getting it back. You’re not getting any younger. And if you really start believing that, and then you’re going to start to be a lot more conscious about who you’re giving your time to.

And then you’re going to start to proactively take more choices. You’re going to start to practically do more things, to find people that feel the same way and prioritize their life the way you do

First things first. Know what tools are at your disposal? So no more sitting around. Okay. No more just swiping on your phone and being like, “Oh, this isn’t doing it.”

No, that’s not working. It’s time to do something different. It’s time to find the right help or find the right community.

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