look your best on facetime and zoom dating

5 beauty tips for looking your best on a Facetime, Zoom, or Kumospace Date

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

Covid-19 has upended the way humans used to carry out their everyday activities. We have been limited to our homes and cut off from the rest of the world. Digital world has taken precedence over real-time communication.  More Americans are now utilizing their spare time to have virtual dates through Facetime or Zoom.  

While dating is a sport for some, it can be quite unnerving for most of us. Virtual dating does not make it any less daunting. Rather a virtual date can become an unpleasant experience if you are not feeling confident and looking your best. Zoom, Facetime and other similar platforms are visual media. So it is wise to put in an effort to look your best while having a virtual date. 

Your appearance will impact two things: your date’s perception of you and your confidence. To feel confident, one must be comfortable in his/her skin. We have compiled a few Zoom/Facetime beauty tips and tricks which will help you appear attractive on your virtual date. So read on: 

Lighting, Lighting and Lighting 

  • We cannot emphasize enough the importance of good and suitable lighting for any video call. Lighting can help you manipulate your appearance. You can highlight your best features and take attention away from the unflattering ones through optimal lighting. The best lighting is indirect natural light. Like sitting in front of a sun-lit window. Avoid direct sunlight or any source of light which is above your head. It will cast shadows on your face. 

Better Cameras and Camera Angles 

  • Laptops and desktops’ built-in cameras are of poor quality. They lack the ability to create depth of fields and autofocus the person. We recommend you to invest in an accessory web camera. They are not heavy on the pocket and work well in low lights.  

Another important factor in appearing attractive virtually is to know your camera angles. Low camera angle is unflattering and focuses on unattractive facial contours. You can elevate the camera angle by placing books underneath your laptop. If you are communicating through mobile phones, a tabletop tripod stand helps in getting optimal camera angles. 

Declutter Background to Grasp All Attention 

  • Cameras have an inbuilt feature of focusing on surroundings if there are too many items in the background. We recommend you to declutter your background so the camera’s focus remains on you solely. This way the background will be blurred and all attention will be on you. 

Time to FAB-U-LIZE! 

  • This tip will apply to girls mostly, but boys can learn a thing or two as well. If you have a virtual date planned, apply more than the usual amount of makeup. We recommend adding a pinch of blush to your cheeks if you are tired and drained. Pale and droopy skin becomes more prominent on video call. Contour your face with the help of a bronzer. This will add more depth to your face.  

Date Top? Meet Pajama Bottoms 

  • Have you observed that celebrities and social media influencers avoid wearing clothes that have small prints? They either go for large prints or completely plain clothes when they make an appearance in front of the camera.  

The rationale is that small prints take away the focus from you and distract the camera. We advise you to take a leaf out of celebrities’ books and go for simpler clothes when having a virtual date.  

If you want to learn more about wooing your virtual date, we recommend you to consult the professionals at Matchmaker Review. They have some of the best dating coaches and matchmakers onboard to help you. 

So there you have it, our top tips to help you look and feel your best for your virtual date! We hope these tips will give you the confidence boost you need to make a great impression. If you want more ideas on making your date night special, we recommend checking out the virtual space experts at Kumospace. They have tons of amazing dating ideas that will wow your date. Thanks for reading and we wish you luck in finding love!

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