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Alisa Purifico

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Matchmaking, Coaching, LGBTQ+
Location: United States, Canada, United Kingdom
Marital Status: Single, Divorced, Separated
Gender: Men, Women, Non-Binary
Age Ranges: 30 – 55, 55+
Education Level: None Required
Career Level: None Required
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Why choose Alisa Purifico?
“As a National Singles Scout, I work with various social clubs across the country to help them expand their dating circle in the most discreet, qualified, way possible.”

They call me “She-HITCH” because I organically connect like-minded singles across the country. I’m like a good buddy… that happens to also know another good, single, buddy..

And that starts with a video call! I look forward to ours. Schedule a time to video chat with me!

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