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Why choose Anya Grace?
I am a writer, teacher, guide, and healer supporting individuals to step into a new paradigm in love, relationship, and personal power. I have helped hundreds of women reconnect with their body wisdom, intuition, and divine feminine potential to attract love, abundance, and wellness that reflects the true worth and value of the feminine principle. Check out the collection of Elevated Woman trainings and embrace your elevated feminine energy today!

My name is Anya Grace, and I’m a Feminine Energy Coach.

What is Feminine Energy Coaching?

Feminine Energy Coaching is mostly about connecting women back to their natural feminine energy, in a world that’s very masculine.

It’s more spirituality-based than strategy-based. A lot of people think that I’m just a relationship coach or a dating coach, and I do some strategy work, but my philosophy is: if the woman connects back to her true goddess wisdom, it’s through that energy that relationships come in, but more as a by-product of doing this work rather than the end result. It’s more from the approach of let’s get YOU connected to your true power and from that place, the magic will unfold.

How We Create Something is How We Sustain Something

I also feel and have discovered that however we create something is the way we sustain something. It’s what differentiates a masculine mindset from a feminine mindset. So I‘m more interested in just helping people get into the natural energy that’s going to be effortless and useful for them to sustain whatever it is that they’re wanting to create. The women that I work with tend to be highly sensitive and deeply connected to spiritual practice and what we do together really takes it to a whole new level. So it’s a really special community for sure.

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