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“This Atlanta Dating Coach for Men and Women over 45 provides helpful advice for those looking for love later in life. Dating Coach Dave Swanson has successfully helped many people find love and happiness and knows the importance of being honest and transparent with your partner. Additionally, being open to new experiences is crucial in the dating process. If you are looking to find love, contact Dave Swanson today.”

My name is Dave Swanson. I’m a dating coach here to help you in your dating experience.

I’ve been coaching people since 2003, I have coached well over 10,000 people. So I specialize in life and dating coaching. I myself, after 22 years of marriage, was single for nine years and went through the dating wars my goal was to find a woman that I could love for the rest of my life and get remarried. And I had to teach myself. So I built a system in which I held myself accountable. That really allowed me to successfully date, fall in love, and get remarried.

Most Common Dating Pitfall is…

You’ll hear dating stories… they’ll get into a relationship.

And then three or four months down the road, there’ll be out of that relationship. And the reason is that they got into it too quickly. The problem with guys is we’re just trying to get to that third date and we don’t even know who this woman is yet.

You’ve got to have honesty and transparency. You’ve got to like the same things and, be like-minded in order to have a successful, sustainable relationship you got to share yourself and you got to be part of the conversation and you got to be part of the relationship building. If you can’t do it and there’s a problem, that’s a problem. And it’s going to be the end.

Stop being stubborn. Be a little flexible and be open to new ideas.

What’s Your Next Chance’s Process?

I love helping people. It’s really a passion of mine, I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear. I’m going to tell you what you need to hear.

I tend to deal all the cards straight up on the table. So if someone brings to me a situation I’m going to listen, I’m going to drill down on it, I’m going to try to understand it.

And then I’m going to try to give some recommendations in order to prevent this problem from happening again or to fix the current problem because sometimes the problem is fixable and sometimes it’s just not. What I’ll do is I’ll help you attract and find the right one.

Go to my website, YourNextChance.com and sign up for a free introductory session and we’ll spend 20 minutes on a zoom call or a phone call and talk about it. I need to understand where you are right now and where you want to be a year from now or 10 years from now.

My name’s Dave Swanson and I’m looking forward to helping you.

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