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Matchmaking, Coaching, Events, LGBTQ+
Location: United States, California
Marital Status: Single, Divorced
Gender: Men, Women
Age Ranges: 18 – 30, 30 – 55, 55+
Education Level: None Required
Career Level: None Required
Packages are $7500+
Why choose Julia Bendis?
“I’ve been matchmaking, coaching and guiding singles and couples for over 20 years now. For me it’s not about the money, I was doing it for free way before there were any other matchmakers and firms out there. To me it is a cultural thing and something that was passed down to me from my mother and my grandmother. “

My name is Julia Bendis I’m a matchmaker, I’m an author. I’m a relationship and dating educator.

Really, that’s what I’m doing is educating people… how to date and how to look for the right people.

I did ballet from a very young age and when I realized that I was not going to be a professional ballerina because that was very unattainable I just remember meddling in people’s love life and sex life, and cooking. That’s all I do, I match people and I ask about their sex life and then I cook for them.

The Match by Julia Process

Being a matchmaker is unlike any other profession, you really are getting to the bottom of people’s issues. You get to the bottom of who they are and get to know them on a super personal level.

The whole process of matchmaking starts with coaching and education. It starts with asking yourself… What are the types of people that you’ve been dating? and Why are you still single?

Maybe this is the reason why… You are attracting the wrong people.

So we start with that. There’s education before, during, and after. It’s a whole process. All I ever ask from people is to be open-minded and be open to learning.

Who are your clients?

My clients really range anywhere from 25 years old, all the way into their eighties. All ages, all sexes, all genders, all sexual preferences. And it’s really people that want to learn and they’re truly in it to meet a partner.

I’m not a huge corporation. I’m very picky about who I take on because I need to like that person. I need to respect them. I have to get to know them on a very personal level so I can deliver those personal results and truly get to know what it is that they want.

You can find more information on MatchbyJulia.com and I really look forward to meeting you.

Meet Julia

Matchmaker & Dating Educator


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