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Why choose Lee-Anne Galloway?

As your matchmaker, I become your personal cupid! To find you strong mutual matches (lovely humans who are also looking for you), I refer to my date-a-base of incredible singles, actively recruit in person and online, and collaborate with other matchmaker’s in the city. I promise to do all the things to help change your love story, because your success is my success!

Lee-Anne Galloway

Hi friend, I’m Lee-Anne! A once divorced, now happily re-married 30-something who was matchmade herself! I’m a professional matchmaker, accredited love coach and science based dating expert. I have been coaching singles to find and create loving and lasting relationships, hosting singles events, and matchmaking for nearly a decade.

My focus in the dating industry has always been to help singles change their beliefs and patterns around dating, get real about who they’re looking for (real love isn’t always how you think it should look) and devise a bespoke strategy for finding the love they desire.

When I began this journey, I saw myself and single friends my age struggling to connect online and IRL to attract a partner we deserved. We believed that time was running out for marriage and a family, yet doing nothing differently. It became super clear how LIFE CHANGING the foundations that I was using and laying down for my clients and I were. Once they {and I} started doing the inside work and making real changes, we began thriving in the dating world… and finding love!

I knew the strategies I was using needed to become available to all singles through coaching and matchmaking. It’s hard watching awesome people struggle with loneliness and self-doubt when I know they can learn to find love, just like my clients {and I} have!  Read about how I changed my own love story here.

As a matchmaker and love coach, I recognize your uniqueness and trust you have the answers within you. I hold a safe, non-judgemental space to support and challenge you to get real about your love life. You will make important shifts, celebrate single-hood, and create opportunities to find love.  It’s all about setting intentions taking action, and accountability. Let’s do this!

Ready for love and a relationship, but…

  • You keep falling for people who are unavailable or aren’t ready to commit.
  • You’ve not sure where these eligible singles are – hello, do they really exist?!
  • You think you know what you need in a partner, but have no idea how to attract them!

I know. I hear you.


  • You’ve joined all the online dating apps (maybe too many?)
  • Listened to all the dating and love podcasts on the market!
  • Asked everyone you know if they have someone to set you up with.



Dating Apps Not Working?

Switch it up. Get Scouted.


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