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Why choose Ann Parnes?

Match Made in Nola is a professional matchmaking and date coaching service in New Orleans. As the founder of Match Made in Nola, as well as an experienced, certified life coach, Ann Parnes offers members pre-screened and personalized introductions, honest and constructive feedback, image and date concierge services, and expert relationship advice. She works with each client to understand his or her unique relationship needs and desires, which helps her make meaningful matches with genuine long-term potential.

Meet the Matchmaker

ome people are good with cars. Others are incredible athletes. Ann Parnes is gifted in bringing people together and helping with relationships. It’s the area where her skills and passions overlap–it’s what she considers to be her “calling”. Ann’s philosophy is that life is exponentially better when you have the right person to share it with. It brings Ann great satisfaction to be able to use her skills to provide people with one of life’s greatest joys—a loving and healthy relationship.

A believer in values-based matching, Ann’s natural curiosity and ability to ask poignant questions enable her get to the root of who her clients are, as well as the kinds of people who might be a good match for them. She takes a sincere interest in getting to know each and every client so that she can conduct a targeted, personalized search for their ideal partner.

As a co-founder and professional life coach at Pivotal Perspectives Coaching, Ann spent the last 4 years working with successful clients to create change and reach personal goals in various aspects of their lives. She found that her true knack however, was in the area of relationship coaching — whether it was helping clients navigate the ups and downs of various stages in their relationships, or offering support and encouragement when it was in their best interests to walk away.

About Us

At Match Made in Nola, we provide discreet, exclusive matchmaking services and date coaching for motivated, commitment-minded singles. Our clients understand the value of hiring a specialist when it comes to getting help with one of the most important aspects of their lives. They know their current approach to dating isn’t working, and understand that finding the right partner can be a full-time job.

If what you want is a loving, lasting relationship, an experienced professional matchmaker and certified coach can help you find and keep the love of your life. Founder Ann Parnes only works with a limited number of exceptional clients to maximize the level of individual attention she gives each member. She is committed to getting to know you and what you are looking for in a partner in order to make the best possible matches.

Our goal is to find you someone with whom you have connection, chemistry and compatibility. Before we introduce you, we personally meet with and screen every potential match for relationship potential. We consider your values, stated preferences and desires, and also look at qualities such as personality, life experience, passions and goals. And of course, there’s always an element of intuition. Drawing from our extensive personal contacts and professional databases, we actively recruit and network on your behalf to find your ideal match.

In addition to making introductions, we also orchestrate your first date with each match in order to maximize your enjoyment and comfort. We ask for feedback after every date from both parties, so that we may offer insights and advice on next steps, future dates, and any areas for improvement. All of our services are completely customizable and are formed to suit each client.

Our clients trust us because they know we value their privacy and their time as much as they do. They know we care about their happiness and will work to truly understand and find what they are looking for and need in a life partner.

Like anything worthwhile, finding the right partner is a process that takes time, effort, energy, commitment, and resources — yours and ours. It is a joy and a privilege to work with genuine, quality singles like you who are ready to make love happen!

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