The Most Common Let Down

The Most Common Let Down

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

Quick poll for all of you. I’m excited about this one, cause I think it’s really telling how people communicate or don’t communicate these days. The question for you guys, what’s the most common way you’ve been let down by a date?

And that doesn’t mean broken off with necessarily, if you only dated somebody a few times, you can’t really break anything off. We’re going to use the term “let down”. What’s the most common way you have been let down by a date?

Is it A, your date pretends to be busy forever, just to never see you again. You guys know what I mean, that person that, you go out with them and you’re asking for them to go out again and they just keep giving you excuse after excuse until they hope you just get the picture and leave them alone. Which is annoying and frustrating.

Or are you in the B camp of your date ghosts you? This is actually a lot of people these days, unfortunately.

Or C, the one that we all hope to have someday. Was your date honest with you? As painful as that reality, might’ve been, what happens to you the most?

Would you say, do you feel like you get the brush off? Do you get people ghosting you or do you get people telling you the truth? A, B, or C comment below would love to hear what’s been going on with you guys.

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