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Talia Goldstein

Founder & President

Matchmaking, Date Coaching
Three Day Rule is an exclusive matchmaking company with experts dedicated to help singles take charge of their dating lives and eliminate swiping. We customize matches to fit our members’ lifestyles, only introducing them to the best dates. With Matchmakers across 9 cities, Three Day Rule provides quality matches, date coaching, and premium matchmaking services.

Take Charge Of Your Dating Life

You are deliberate about building the career and life you want, but what about dating? Your Matchmaker will introduce you to the best matches.

We Customize Your Matches For You

We play the field so you don’t have to.

Your time is too valuable to go on bad dates. With one of the largest and most selective networks in the country we get you the dates you want.

Stop swiping.

Online dating is like a full-time job. Our Matchmakers do the work for you, vetting each potential match face-to-face. Outsource your dating search now.

The biggest value of bringing on a hired gun for your dating life can be summed up pretty easily: Dating is a numbers game. We essentially go on bad dates for people.

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