Top Online Dating Mistakes

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

Don’t tell us what you don’t want. No, thanks. I don’t need to know what you don’t want.

It’s funny. When we got these apps, you can tell how long a lot of the girls have been on these apps, just by how mean and specific their bio’s get.

People get offended. They have these rules. I reached out and they didn’t reach out in enough time. So I’m not going to, I’m just not going to bother with them. Give the benefit of the doubt. If there was a connection made, go out again, don’t let your ego get in the way. That I see that all the time.

Like give somebody a, Hey, are you okay? Love to reconnect. And that person might just come back and say, thank you. I was embarrassed. I said, I wouldn’t end until a week later. And I didn’t want you to be angry at me, you know, but Hey, thank you.

That’s a big thing. Giving perspective is so important cause we do, we assume. It’s like so easy, but keeping up with new people you don’t know is a lot of work. It’s like it’s a lot to manage information and time, and most humans are not naturally organized. So it wouldn’t be that we wouldn’t be so erratic with like very in-tune with answering people.

So it’s good that you give them that dose of perspective because without it, they feel rejected. Everybody feels rejected. Right? On the other hand, don’t over connect. Cause sometimes it’s like, Oh my God, this has to stop.

When you make the connection don’t and they say here’s my number. Call me, or text me. Don’t text 10 times a day. Within reason, ask somebody, what is too much for you. I’d love to connect with you. Do you enjoy a check-in every day? Do you like it three times a day? What’s too much? What’s too little? Ask the questions. That’s a big misconception for men. They don’t understand that.

It’s not a weakness. If you ask women these questions, I actually find they want youto konw which questions to ask. If you make a connection, don’t be afraid to ask what is too much and what’s too little, what, you know, get the expectations set so that nobody is getting hurt or upset or rejected.

Also, read their profile and pick out something that shows you read it. Don’t just say, Hey baby or Hi.

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