Movie Popcorn

Your Movie Trailer Self

Stop Swiping. Get Scouted.

You have to give her something where she can imagine herself being a part of your life.

When you create a profile, you’re really creating sort of a movie trailer version of yourself. That’s going to give somebody… if a girl comes to your profile and she looks at your pictures and she’s kind of scrolling through, she wants to get an idea of who you are. You’ve got to tell her that, your pictures really have to convey that, but they also have to convey an idealized version of yourself.

I always tell guys too, it’s like, who are you trying to attract? Right. Who’s the type of woman you want to attract and what is she going to be attracted to? All these older guys are a sexy stereotype. There’s always going to be younger women or women in general that are naturally attracted to those types.

Which one do you fit best into? And how can you project that? Across your online profiles so that you’re not fighting an uphill battle. She’s going to come here and she sees you, and maybe you have pictures of you in your work setting, right? If you’re a business guy in your suit at a thing, or on a vacation that she can imagine herself jet setting with this business guy, or if you’re not that type, if you’re the spiritual guy, maybe it’s you projecting that element of yourself.

But you’ve got to give her something where she can imagine herself being a part of your life. And the more that you give her, the easier that is.

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