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Julie Ferman

The services that I provide are unique. I’m hugely service-oriented. If I’m working for one of my matchmaking clients, I’ll

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Alisa Purifico

Are you tired of dating the same people over and over again? Want to meet someone new, but don’t know

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The Geek Whisperer

Welcome to Janet More’s Magnetic Online Dating Profile Reboot program! If you’re like most single men, you’ve probably had your

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Brooke Fitzpatrick

What is Mosaic Matchmaking and what do they offer? Mosaic Matchmaking is one of the few matchmaking services that focuses

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Illa Lynn

Meet Illa Lynn | Relationships Coach and Dating Strategist My name is Illa Lynn, and I’m a life coach for

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Dave Swanson

My name is Dave Swanson. I’m a dating coach here to help you in your dating experience. I’ve been coaching

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Best Man Matchmaking

Anthony Canapi: Gay and Queer Matchmaking Expert If you’re interested in being matched by Anthony Canapi, the founder and CEO

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Anya Grace

My name is Anya Grace, and I’m a Feminine Energy Coach. What is Feminine Energy Coaching? Feminine Energy Coaching is

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Amador Matchmaking

Overview Profession: Matchmaker, Dating Coach Founder: Lisa Amador Practicing since: 2011 Locations: Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California Success rate: 95%

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Julia Bendis

My name is Julia Bendis I’m a matchmaker, I’m an author. I’m a relationship and dating educator. Really, that’s what

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abundance mindset

Abundance Breeds Abundance

We see it sometimes in matchmaking people are just,” this is what I’m ordering and you’re going to deliver on

Lady does not want to wear makeup and tears nylon stocking on her face with painted red lips

How Do You Want to Feel?

How do you want to FEEL in your relationship? Don’t tell me what you want physically. How do you want

Lollipop close up

It Still Sucks…

You’re still single. It still sucks. And it just seems you were lonelier this year than you were last year,


Start Asking Why?

Asking why you’re here is a good place to start. Finding a relationship, finding a decent dating experience starts with

Find Your Dating Avatar

In marketing you have to know your avatar, in dating, you have to know… who is your ideal avatar woman?

Single with Kids

Single with Kids

Alisa Purifico: Nice to meet you. Member: Likewise, thank you for taking this time out. Alisa Purifico: Oh my gosh.

No MIA Pictures

No MIA Pictures

No M-I-A pictures! What does that mean? No missing in action. What do you mean, Janet? What does that mean?

man covers his eyes with a medical mask

Can I See Your Face?

Can you see your face? Can you see, what you look like, what you’re doing? If not, then take it


Freezing vs Listening

[Janet More] Guys think there are certain words you’re supposed to say that is supposed to make a difference. And

Pawn moves first

How to Move Things Along

What advice do you have for somebody who’s looking to advance a relationship organically? A lot of times on dating

The Attraction Checklist

Guys tend to think that if you check enough boxes and you have enough in common, that’s really what it

Single Men in Tech

Single Men in Tech

These tech guys, these “Geeks” they are very thoughtful. They know what they want. They go for it and they

Relationship Roadmap

Relationship Roadmap

There’s a certain amount of work that YOU have to do on yourself. I connect with so many people who

Why Are You Stopped?

Why Are You Stopped?

So why are you here? You’re single. You’re bummed. Let’s think about why you’re frustrated, why you’re stopped. That’s the

No Sunglasses or Masks!

No Sunglasses or Masks!

I’ve seen profiles of men that have every single picture with sunglasses on. We can’t see you. So don’t do