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Kate Mansfield

Kate Mansfield

Dating Coach

Location: United Kingdom
Marital Status: Single, Divorced, Separated
Gender: Women
Age Ranges: 30 – 55, 55+
Education Level: None Required
Career Level: None Required
Packages are $7500+
Why choose Kate Mansfield?
92% of my clients find love within one year, 200 clients in past two years, 54 engaged/married and 3 babies

Most therapists and coaches ask you questions and listen, watching you stumble around in the dark as they rack up huge bills and waste YEARS of your life.

Self-discovery is an illusion and a painful path of repeating destructive patterns. Kate and her team of coaches couldn’t be further from that viewpoint. They believe every woman is an individual with a unique set of beliefs, behaviours and past hurts.

Kate and the ‘Dating Diet’ coaching team give you exactly what you need, created as a bespoke process, so that once identified you can plug and play an entire system and quickly begin transforming your love life.

• Kate is an Award Winning Coach, TV Personality, Writer & Women’s Rights Activist.

• Founder of ‘The Dating Diet’ system.

• The #1 Results Oriented Dating & Relationship Coach in the UK.

• Kate’s company has helped hundreds of women around the globe to find and keep true love with an ideal partner.

• As a Top Love Coach and Entrepreneur Kate built her business from scratch, with no investment and got to 7 figures within just 2 years of launching.

• Now Kate teaches others to apply her Step-By-Step ‘Dating Diet’ Formula and Relationship Bonding Techniques with their own personal strengths to immediately propel their love lives to commitment and marriage.

• Kate has put together an extraordinary team of coaches and specialists who help her to deliver her programs.

Dating these days, especially online can be like pulling teeth for many women. The amount of choice in a throw away culture of quick fix means that quality, lasting relationships can be challenging to find amid the frantic swiping. Competition for quality men is fierce and requires a rock solid set of beliefs about yourself, a clear vision, resilience, confidence and the ability to create a deep emotional connection with men through accessing your feminine energy. If you don’t have these things in place the reality is that you will not likely find what you want, and if you do he won’t stick around.

Within 12 weeks and though an intense set of assignments and actions I get my clients to build and learn the skills needed to attract and keep a quality man – for the long term. If you want insurance against ever being ghosted, breadcrumbed, or catfish prey again, then you need to hire a dating expert. Me and my team make sure that every step of the way you have the guidance and skills that you need to go out into the dating world fully equipped so that dating becomes fun and romantic, and that you are the one doing the choosing.

My clients all now what a high-value woman is, and are able to behave in a way that inspires the best men out there to step up, to be available and want to meet your needs. So often we sabotage this, pushing men away through fear or past betrayal and hurt. Opening your heart again doesn’t have to be a painful order, we help you to do this over time and with support, spotting those red flags and learning to say ‘NO’ when needed. This esteems you and builds on your inner foundation of self love, helping you to grow and evolve into a conscious Goddess who expects the best – and gets what she wants.

From speed dating and matchmaking to knowing whether hinge, tinder, eharmony, bumble, match.com or elite singles has your future love ready and waiting, we have you covered and by the end of this process every single dating myth you’ve every heard will have been busted. My clients all leave with the tools, the understanding and the self awareness to build a happy and committed relationship with a man who lights them up and has shared values, respect and the same goals for life.

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